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Meet Nick Tumminello: To the Esquerre Fitness Group, Nick is the “Coach”! He is the subject-matter-expert who coaches individuals to the next level of excellence & achievement. Once a Client has connected with Nick, Nick becomes the”Little” voice inside our heads that guides us to success after we get rid of all the other clutter around us! Whoever has the opportunity to work with the "Coach" will never fail!
Bob Esquerre, CEO Esquerre Fitness Group – Internationally Recognized Fitness and Medical Exercise Expert

"The highest compliment that I can give someone is that they "get it". Nick gets it."
Mike Boyle – World Famous Strength Coach

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Self Myofascial Release
This DVD is the most comprehensive collection of Self Myofascial techniques ever assembled for trainers and coaches. Discover how to stretch the myofascial lines and incorporate self myofascial release to relieve tension, improve ROM and increase strength. New techniques, tips and tricks, program design and common mistakes are discussed.